About RSG

We are Rockstar Gamers.

In an age in which competitive matches, k/d’s and leader boards are all that seem to matter, one often forgets the real reason why we game – for fun. RSG is a Xbox gaming crew in which mature gamers play in a relaxed atmosphere. We stress fun and while we aren’t afraid of a competitive match, our main goal is to enjoy ourselves.

We take pride in our fair play and cheating through modding, glitching or other means is not tolerated. Red Dead Redemption isn’t our only specialty either. RSG play several Rockstar games such as GTA Online and Max Payne 3. We also plan on having a heavy presence in the next installment of the Red Dead Series, whenever that comes out.

However we don’t limit ourselves to just Rockstar products. Minecraft and Forza are just two of the many other games our members play. Drama-free fun, that’s what Rockstar Gamers is all about.

Welcome everybody.